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Can Tho Tourist Information

1. Climate
Can Tho regulate climate pleasant, less stormy. Hot and humid all year round, no cold season. The rainy season lasts from May to November, the dry season from December to April next year. The average temperature is 27ºC.
2. Vehicle
Most of the movement in the western region are moving by cars.
-  Phuong Trang buss: 
- Taxi Khanh Cuong: 
3. Storage
Some hotels in Can Tho you can refer
- Ninh Kieu 2 hotel 0292 3 789 999
4. Culinary
Can Tho there are so many delicious and cheap eateries, the evening you can have dinner on the boat along the river are very interesting post
- Cake tribute Can Tho, Pancakes, snakehead fish Grilled, Snails grilled pepper.....
5. Sight seeing
- Bang Lang stork garden.
- Garden Tho Tourism
- Tay Do night market

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