Body massage: Body massage helps the circulation of blood, promoting the flow of lymph, causing the toxins to be excreted out of the cell. This helps the digestive system, the respiratory system and the circulatory system to work better. In addition, body massage increases elasticity in the skin, eliminates dead cells, stimulates collagen growth and regenerates cells.
- Swedish Body Massage Swedish Massage is a treatment based on the action of about 10 major energy circuits (called lotus circuits) throughout the body. Moreover, the Swedish massage service for both men and women helps your body relax, healthy and effective.
- Japanese acupuncture massage: Helps reduce stress, increase concentration, relieve pain, relax muscles, strengthen the movement of the stomach, intestines and improve digestive function.
- Hot Stone Massage: By applying the principle of difference or temperature change, hot stone massage is capable of producing very small vibrations in the form of wavelengths that stimulate deep and strong penetration into organs and organs. Important to the body to awaken all senses, nerves and circulatory.
- Facial Massage: When performing facial massage, the muscles under the skin are provided with sufficient blood, stimulating the blood circulation under the skin
- Gem Stone Massage: The gem stone sauna offers a wide variety of benefits for gem massage. It is a perfect combination of gemstone and infrared wires that can diffuse negative and negative ions. in the air, gives you plenty of energy. Besides, gemstone not only relieves tension, stress but also anti-aging skin, which naturally brightens skin, relieves fatigue and circulates blood circulation easily.
- Massage for pregnant women: Massage gourd at EVA is the application of scientifically-based massage techniques to help mothers relax, eliminate stressful fatigue of pregnancy. At EVA, every caregiver is a knowledgeable nurse who has received formal training from EVA Cosmetology Academy with specific certification. In quiet, luxurious spa space; With their knowledge, each professional will bring a moment of relaxation, effective rest for the mother elected.
- Breast Massage: Breast massage is one of the ways that women use to improve the effectiveness of the first round. Thorough breast massage at home regularly will help you significantly improve your ring size.
- Anti-cystic massage: It is obvious that regular compression on the breast of the bra reduces the amount of toxins released, leading to increased cancer rates. Any contraindication beyond the permitted level can flatten the leukemias and not allow the chest to escape. According to the study, the highest incidence of breast cancer occurred with women wearing bras around the clock and the lowest among non-bodied women. From there, experts recommend that women wear bra less than 12 hours a day and take care of themselves by breast massage.