Nhat Ha Massage

Service Time Price
Standing room 60 minutes massage VND 200,000
VIP room 90 minutes massage VND 300,000
Massage VIP Room Supper 120 minutes VND 300,000
The program serves: steam, dry steam, hot baths, massage.
Promotions: Foot massage, massage fish, coffee and soft drinks.
          Body Massage: Massage helps the body blood circulation, promote the flow of lymph leads toxins that are excreted from the cell. Thereby helping the digestive system, the respiratory system and circulatory system work better. Besides, full body massage increases the elasticity of the skin, helps to remove dead skin cells and stimulate collagen growth and cell renewal.
- Relaxing body massage Sweden: Swedish Massage therapy is based on the impact energy of about 10 main circuits (called circuit sen) runs throughout the body. Moreover, Swedish massages for both men and women to help your body relaxed, efficient health.
- Japanese Acupressure Massage: Helps reduce stress, improve concentration, relieve pain, relax muscles, increase motility of the stomach, intestines, and improving digestive function
- Hot Stone Massage: Using the principle of difference or change in temperature, hot stone massage is capable of creating extremely small vibrating as the wavelength stimulates deep and hard into the graving and agencies body important to awaken the senses, the nerves and meridians adopted.
- Facial massage: When performing a facial massage the muscles under the skin getting enough blood, stimulate the blood circulation under the skin
- Massage gem: The reason Steam offers many gems such effect is due gem massage is the perfect combination between precious stones and wiring capable infrared diffuse kinds of negative ions and in the air, giving you abundant energy source. Besides, a steam gem not only relieve stress, stress, anti-aging, but also makes the skin radiant glow naturally, reducing stress fatigue and blood circulation easily.
- Pregnancy Massage: Massage is elected at EVA's application prenatal massage techniques scientific help elect mom relax, eliminate fatigue stress of pregnancy. At EVA, each employee care nurses are trained knowledgeable official from Academy of Cosmetology EVA with specific certification. In the quiet spa space, luxury; with his knowledge, every expert will provide moments of relaxation and rest really effective for pregnant mothers.
- Breast Massage: Massage the chest is one of the ways you believe is used to improve efficiency within the current one. Proper chest massage at home regularly will help you significantly improve your size first round.
- Massage against thoracic cyst: Obviously the regular chest pressed bunch of bra reduces the amount of toxins released leading to increased cancer rates. Any bundles yet pressed than allowed can flatten the tissue for leukemia and non-toxic in the chest out. Also according to this study, the rate of the highest breast cancer occurs for women who wear bras all day and the lowest percentage of people who do not wear bras. Since then experts recommend that women should wear bras less than 12 hours a day and take care of yourself by massaging the chest.