Banh Xeo Can Tho

   Pancakes, rustic dishes familiar to every human being from the day Southern Southern territorial expansion. Those who used to enjoy this cake, it is difficult to forget the strong flavor of its rustic.
Pancakes at a restaurant chain Xiem Ten categories are diverse from the traditional pancakes with shrimp, meat to various types mushroom pancakes with filling such as needle mushroom, abalone mushroom, mushroom, old fashioned coconut, cement duck pancakes ...
Pancakes hot to eat as soon as all the guests to see it. Bright yellow skin rum crispy bread served with salad and sweet and sour sauce.
Referring to rice pancake nobody is really do not remember the name Ten Xiem by artisans who made it - has been visited by Auntie Ten awarded the title "folk artisan" in the folk life festival took place at the US Smithsonian . Domestic pancakes Xiem Ten has won many major awards while attending the Culinary Festival stature Vietnam and other countries in the region.
Also from rice flour, turmeric but pancakes Ten Xiem bring a very specific definition. If you like pancakes unusual place steamy grease, causing feeling bored diners are here, the restaurant Siam had cleverly Ten to create a special formula to each pie nine are very thin, crunchy, which is almost free from oil. Even the middle section also crust is very thin, there is such a new eaters feel all the sweetness of the bread's crust absorbed
Regarding the restaurant category Xiem Ten diverse kinds of pancakes, in addition to traditional pancakes pancakes shrimp's price melon, coconut pancakes fashioned bulbs are also other types of cake pan cake's sprouts , nuggets blue, needle mushroom, abalone mushroom, ...
    Especially traditional pancakes mixed, with the combination of shrimp, pork, squid and the sweet sound of cassava, making it impossible to forget this traditional dish.
Most original and still the program tea buffet is cleverly decorated in a wooden boat with more than 20 dishes typical of the countryside tea rivers bring young minds employer would like to recommend the delicious food, tasty traditional flavor to all customers.
PANCAKE Ten Xiem also achieved many outstanding accomplishments, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism City. Ho Chi Minh recognized: Saigon 100 Interestingly - Five restaurants for popular tourist ...
Ten restaurant chains Xiem also invested staging vegetable washing ozone water purifiers, ensuring food hygiene and safety to carry khach.Ngoai basic vegetables such as broccoli, lettuce, herbs, the strange spot of cake Ten Siam aunt pancake presence forest vegetables: sprout stars clones, silk leaves, shoots it, leaf by leaf guise ... the medium sour vegetables with pancakes tart just eat that does not go bored.
Coming with Ten pancake restaurant chain Xiem customers easily find the comfort of family gatherings and friends by ingenious layout of the restaurant with the furniture of bamboo, soft smooth music the soft lighting create a sense of warmth and relaxation after a stressful working day.