Ninh Kieu Park

     Ninh Kiều Park is a place that most tourists or find, located on the right bank of the Hậu River, right confluence Hậu and Cần Thơ River, near the city center of Cần Thơ. On the river is always crowded boats, sailing up and down loaded the produce Mekong Delta. Ninh Kiều Park old was born as a river at the top of the market in Cần Thơ, Ninh Kiều boat that day busiest trade crossing, windbreak trees coastal ocean has become the name of the river. The trade more prosperous every day, so Hàng Dương park was extended and renovated, then gradually becoming tourist attractions of the land Tây Đô. Hai Bà Trưng road today formerly Lê Lợi Street, running along the Hậu River trees.

     In 1958 the river and the park is located next to Le Loi streets named with a battle of the Lam Son insurgent army Ninh Kiều. Standing on the Ninh Kiều park eyes looked into Xóm Chài and head towards Cồn Ấu Europe will see a vague strip leaves isles, giving us confidence effusive vibe. Conversely, if the other party stands from the Fishing Village will see a panoramic view to the Ninh Kiều and dazzling city lights alluvial mirror into the water alluvial gold sparkle as light sprinkle gorgeous gorgeous sky vast water, air fresh thanks to winds from Hậu Giang brought into line.

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