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    When booking hotels, we often encounter cases booked a twin bed or double beds, so they make sense. We will help you more clearly on this issue:
First Twin Beds stands (TWN), this is the kind of rooms have 02 single beds normally reserved for those who do not like sharing a bed together.
Depending on the standard of hotels that size hotel bed together:
- Twin beds size 02m x average of 01 m (common for 3-star hotels and below).
- Twin size bed from 02 meters average x 1.2 m (common for 4-star hotels and above.  
- Double bed stands (DBL) has 01 rooms here are regular beds for couples or for those who may be located together, this kind of conventional stretched dimensions as follows:          
- Normal size common bed (2.0 meters x 1.6 meters)
Size bed (2.0 meters x 1.8 meters), is called the bed (queen size)
Size bed (2.0 meters x 2.0 meters), commonly known as bed (king size)

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